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Building Credit and Community with Content Marketing

StellarFi is a Public Benefit Corporation with a simple mission: make good credit universally accessible. With StellarFi, consumers can transform their monthly bills into credit-builders – regardless of their income or credit history. 


Our credit scores influence nearly every aspect of our personal finances. When it came to content marketing, StellarFi wanted to do more than offer basic credit-building hacks. It wanted to become a trusted guide on the path to a financially-balanced life. Together, we developed a robust content library that met three key objectives:

  • Be Useful: Translate complicated topics into helpful blogs that help users take control of their credit and finances. ​​

  • Get Discovered: Use targeted SEO to get StellarFi in the hands (and search results!) of the folks who need it most.

  • Do It Justice: Speak to issues and communities historically left out of conversations about credit-building. 


With this in mind, we got to work bringing StellarFi’s editorial platform to life. Over the course of nine months, we developed dozens of blogs and pillar pages on credit-building, personal finance, and wealth and credit equity. StellarFi’s strong SEO strategy draws folks in – and relevant, useful content keeps them there.

"Marley has been a huge asset to our growing company! She is able to apply a socially and culturally aware lens to her writing, ensuring her content is appropriate and relevant to our market, which includes marginalized groups."

- Michael Toledo, Senior Copywriter, StellarFi

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