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Image by Peter Gargiulo

Everyone Needs 

     a Mission


  • “Professional” pepper farm tour guide

  • Effectively survives Saigonese motorbike madness.

  • Skilled with machetes

  • Unrivaled hand gesture communication skills

  • Will clean the coconuts out of your waterfall

  • Trained in US tax preparation  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Adept at keeping English students from jumping off of tables... sometimes

  • Eggplant Adobo Master Chef

  • Plant whisperer

  • Puppy wrangler

Like I said, maybe you’re not looking for these things (yet!) but I guarantee you’re looking for someone unafraid of a challenge.

I’ve spent the last five years seeking human connection and unique experiences across the globe and close to home. The biggest lesson I’ve learned? 


You’ve gotta do it—whatever it is—from the heart.


The curious worlds of work exchanges, volunteer programs, and teaching English overseas have given me some pretty great stories; but, more than anything, they've shown me life will put you exactly where you need to be (even if it’s uncomfortable). 


I believe in holding your arms out and embracing whatever comes your way. I believe that the best nourishment is rolling up your sleeves and giving-your-all to the task at hand.


Most of all, I believe that everyone has a gift to share. 

Your gift is creating something that matters.

My gift is helping people get excited about it. 


Studying journalism and paying my dues in the advertising world gave me the tools to help good businesses shine. Studying life gave me the perspective to do it with soul.


Today’s consumers want soul.

Today’s consumers want a mission they can believe in.

You’ve got soul. I’ll help you get your message heard.


Plus, I’m not afraid of a challenge.

Try me.

A Note on my Mission

A future that works for everyone (including the trees!) can only exist at the crossroads of environmental and social justice. I prefer to work with brands that value intersectionality, inclusivity, and accountability as part of the ever-evolving practice of doing GOOD work.

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