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Copywriter for Mission-Driven Brands


Hey, I’m Marley, and I help the good guys tell better stories.

You’re a good guy (+gal, person, moon-beam), right? That’s how you landed here.


You’re committed to work that makes a difference, and that’s important stuff. It can be pretty time-consuming too—those trees aren’t going to plant themselves, after all. Plus, the free market is pretty crowded these days. But you truly believe in what you do.

The question is: how do you reach the people who will believe in you too?

Today's conscious consumers are easy to please, if you're doing it right:
  • Salesy content won't cut it. Click bait and gimmicks send you straight to the doghouse.

  • Useful information they can trust is worth 1,000 catchy jingles.

  • More than anything, they want a partner they can believe in.


I specialize in diving deep with mission-driven brands—emerging from the cloudy depths, authentic messaging in hand, lifted by the songs of sirens crooning “yes, darling, this is how we reach them.”

Interested? That’s the sirens.

Take a deep breath anyway; let’s jump in.



Make a lasting first impression with high-level strategy, SEO-optimized web copy that speaks to your audience in their language. 


Long-form blog posts are the best way to boost search engine rankings, provide value to your network, and position your business as a thought leader in your industry.


Reach out and say hello with thoughtfully-written newsletters and email campaigns crafted to meet your marketing goals.


Let’s dive in! You’re ready to explore the possibilities of stronger, smarter messaging. Click the button—you know you want to.


“I’m confident that Marley could write a review of a dustpan that’s somehow poignant, entertaining, and reflective of the human condition. I would highly recommend her for any job that values creativity, authenticity, and depth.”
- Nick Tovarek, Do414

How can a conscious copywriter make your life easier?



sweet time

When you’re busy saving the world there’s barely time for sleeping, much less for updating your blog. Forget about the time it takes to make sense of SEO. Grammar? Syntax? Hold up, you haven’t even decided what you’ll write about yet!


Enter: copywriting wizardry. 


I develop high-level storytelling.

You get back to the work that matters. 


Copy Builds Community

First, we’ll identify what matters to your brandand who that matters to. Then, we’ll develop a strategy to talk about the things that matter, in language that sticks, in a way that is genuine and useful. 


We’ll build community by sharing stories and values with exactly the right customer: the one who believes in the same stuff you do.


That’s how you make friends.


You’ll Do More Business

It's simple: well-written copy motivates your audience to engage with your business. If it connects, they’ll spend more time with your website, your blog, or your newsletter. 


Great content keeps them coming back. More visits means more traffic; more traffic leads to increased customers and sales.  


Now, that’s cause for celebration.

Bottom line: a stellar conscious copywriter helps your great work do even greater work.


So keep brightening your corner. I’ll help you shine a light on it.

Marley Writes Copy, LLC

Freelance Copywriter

Minneapolis, MN


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